I like working with the client and help create the concepts that he/she is wanting to bring to they future home.
My philosopy is that the client is the one that will be living on the home so why not create what they like.
I just make sure it is Esthetical pleasing and that it meets the building code standard of construction.
The result is people being happy to live on their on space creation.
I have been involved on historic design recration and therefore if the client will like something different and pleasing, I could bring some good ideas.
I have a lot of experience builidng and designing log homes and can help making that beutiful outdoor vacation home idea a reality.
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    Luis Dardon
    Over 30 years of experience in Architecture.
    with Undergraduate studies in
    Architecture at Rafael Landivar University, Guatemala.
    Architectural Graduate studies at University of Calgary, Canada.
    Undergraduate degree in Management from University of Lethbridge, Canada.
    Worked with many Architectural Offices  and produced a lot of project in the fields of commercial, institutional and industrial construction.
    Now dedicated to work on the
    Residential field.
    My design skills include, smart homes, Energy efficiency,  green and Leed oriented.
    Landscape recognition which is an integral part of  the design.
    Experience in Log home designs, as well as historic homes and
    element designs.


    July 2011



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